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When is the best time to sell your home?

Updated: May 31, 2023

‘Content correct at time of publishing and subject to change’

Deciding to sell your home is not only a big step but a stressful one too. With 619,518 house sales every year, it can be hard to know when is best to sell your

moving home

home. Luckily, the property market tends to follow a similar pattern every year. So, understanding the market can give you the knowledge to help give you an idea of when is best to sell your home and use the market to your advantage.

Nevertheless, life doesn’t always follow trends, the property market and selling your home can’t wait for the perfect time. Regardless of the season, your lender will always advise you on the best way to sell your home and achieve the quickest sale.

However, if you’re looking to sell your home and can use the market to your advantage, this blog will give you the information to show you how.

House hopping Spring

Here in the UK, the most popular time to sell a home is in the spring. Along with the good weather, spring is also a time when holidays are usually at a low. So, with fewer people making plans to vacation, people are much happier to start deciding the next stage in their lives. The weather also helps bring people out for home viewings, especially if people are viewing houses in further locations.

After spring, autumn comes in second place as the best time to sell your home. Once people have returned from the summer holidays, they start to get the bug to move in hope that everything is completed before Christmas.

Stay put summer

Summer may be a favourite season for most, but when it comes to house moving, it’s not recommended. Sales usually drop in August due to the summer holidays and people going on holiday abroad. Priorities change for families during the summer holidays so it is understandable why moving is not at the top of people’s lists.

Note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the market looked very different in 2020. Due to the lack of holidays, people were moving house during all times of the year as a result of the drastic changes to daily life. However, it is expected that once the pandemic lifts, the housing market will return to normal.

The final no-go for moving house, understandably, seems to be winter. Due to the cold weather, people tend to focus more on Christmas and New Year, rather than moving house. House viewings can also

be much more complex during this time of year too. Outdoor spaces have no blooming flowers or freshly cut grass, so it tends to put people off wanting to showcase their home during this season. December may be the slowest month for house sales, but we usually see a much busier January.

Understanding your buyers

If you know the type of person your home is likely to attract, you can strategically time your house sale around these kinds of people.

A great example of this is a one or two-bedroom flat. This type of home is perfect for first-time buyers. First-time buyers are most likely to be looking for properties in the New Year where they will feel motivated to get onto the property ladder and take the next steps in their lives. Thus, this type of buyer will start to look for homes in January and possibly start viewing properties in February.

Get moving

Ultimately, people will always be buying and selling homes, no matter the time of year. Nevertheless, if you’re aware of the trends in the property market, you could sell much quicker and efficiently than if you hadn’t have used the market to your advantage.

Contact us today to discuss any questions you may have about moving home.

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