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If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end, or you simply feel you're paying too much, it could be time to consider remortgaging to a better rate. At Twin Pine Mortgages, we make it our mission to save our clients money by finding them the right remortgage deal.

Getting a Better Remortgage Deal

Our experienced Mortgage Brokers will look at your full financial picture. We'll discuss whether borrowing more, less or staying put is right for you. Importantly, if we believe your current lender offers the best option, we'll say so.

Here are some of the key things we consider when advising on your remortgage:

  • Assessing your outgoings, savings and overall finances to determine the mortgage amount and term that is affordable and sensible

  •  Researching rates across the lenders to find you the most competitive interest rate and overall deal

  • Considering the length of the rate guarantee (2 years, 5 years etc) based on your future plans

  •  Discussing whether to stick with your current lender or move providers

  •  Managing the applications and paperwork to make the process smooth and hassle-free

Once your new mortgage is set up, we'll diarise your deal end date and be in touch ahead of time to start the process again and secure your next competitive rate. With interest rates rising, regular reviewing your mortgage is essential to avoid overpaying. 


So if you have a remortgage coming up or just want to explore if there's a better deal for you, get in touch.

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