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Mortgage Check

Do you have a less than perfect credit history? Been declined for a mortgage from a bank or building society?

We are experts at helping people with a bad credit history or a more complicated situation get a mortgage. This mortgage check tool will quickly and easily tell you if we can help.

Simply fill in your details, and tell us about your circumstances and one of our team will review your situation and get back to you about the best options for you.

What is it you want to do?


What will lenders be looking for as part of this mortgage check?

This mortgage check tool gets information from you that all lenders will want to know before making a decision on whether to lend you any money. If you need a bad credit mortgage, you must be honest about what happened and when. The aim is to paint a picture to the lender about what your overall financial situation was like when the bad credit issues happened and what they are like now. This mortgage check tool focuses on the main poor credit areas that a lender will want to understand. 

The tool will ask you about your previous County Court Judgements (CCJ's), defaults, bankruptcy, debt management plans, payday loans and missed payments. This will give us an overall idea of the situation and we will then attempt to match that to our lender's criteria.

What types of mortgage can I get?

We often get asked if a bad credit mortgage will look any different to a regular mortgage. The answer is no.

If you get accepted by a specialist lender, they will have available to them all the same options as you would get from your high street bank or building society. So you will be able to fix the mortgage interest rate or have a variable rate. You will still get the option to have a repayment or interest-only mortgage and you will be able to choose an appropriate mortgage term.

The main difference between a regular mortgage and a mortgage for poor credit histories is likely to be the interest rate itself. As you will be seen as a higher risk to any lender the rates available to you will be higher than for someone with a good credit history. Depending on your individual circumstances this may be slightly higher or if you have a very bad credit history it could be more than double the rate.

The key is doing your research and this is where we come in. We work with lots of specialist lenders as well as high street lenders and will do all the research on your behalf. We will track down a list of lenders which may accept you and then out of those look for the most appropriate deal for your situation. We also tailor-make each mortgage based on your needs and circumstances to make sure that you get the right mortgage fixed or variable rate, the right repayment method and the right overall mortgage term.

My mortgage check says I'm not eligible - what can I do?

Once we have carried out our research on the bad credit mortgage market we will let you know what we've found. We can usually find you mortgage options but there are times however that we cannot find a solution for your situation. We don't like to keep you hanging around so we will try our best to get you our findings whether it's a yes or a no as soon as we can.

If you are in a situation where you're not eligible we will explain exactly what part of your situation is stopping you from getting a mortgage. We can often give you ideas on how to improve your chances of getting a mortgage moving forwards and when this is likely to change.


If you want to know more, you can click here, to read about ways to improve your chances of getting a bad credit mortgage.

How much could I borrow for a mortgage?

Mortgage affordability can be very complicated as it changes from lender to lender and is based on their own criteria and your personal finances.

To put this simply, the lender will look at how much money is coming into the household each month, then look at your outgoings on bills and living costs. The amount left over is often called your disposable income and it's this figure that they will usually focus on to get an idea of how much they are prepared to lend you.


As well as looking at your borrowing capacity from this point of view they will also 'stress test' your affordability by seeing if the mortgage payments would still be affordable to you if interest rates rose above the rate you are applying for. 


The formulas each lender uses to work out how much they will lend to you is often a closely guarded secret. However, we have put together some really useful tools to help you. The budget planner will help you find a borrowing amount based on your income and outgoings and then there is a quick and easy bad credit mortgage calculator

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