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Top 7 reasons for writing a will

Updated: May 31, 2023

‘Content correct at time of publishing and subject to change’

We understand that life can be hectic with family and work however there is one thing you should be sitting down and making time for. And that is writing your will. It might be something that you keep pushing down your to-do list. However, the sooner you do this, the sooner you will have the reassurance that those most important to you will be looked after. Within this blog, we will be exploring 7 reasons why you should be writing your will.

  1. Ensure your loved ones are provided for

Having a will in place will ensure that your loved ones are provided for financially and will allow your money to go where you wish for it to go.

  1. Prevents there being a dispute

You’re in charge of making your will which means if everything is outlined in a legal document there will be no need for arguments between loved ones.

  1. Protect your children

If you do not have a will in a place and state who will look after your children if you were to pass, the decision will be made by the courts. If you want to make sure your children are looked after and raised by someone, in particular, having a will is a must.

  1. Protect your partner if you are not married

If you are not married to your partner and do not have a will then they will not have the right to inherit any of your assets.

  1. Protect your pets

Similar to protecting your children, highlighting a guardian for your pets is important.

  1. Writing a will is flexible

It’s important to remember that when writing a will you are not tied to it, if situations change within your life and you feel as if you need to update your will, you can do this at any time.

  1. Be prepared

Many people avoid writing a will as they are not willing to accept death. However, having a will provides reassurance for the future at what is a very emotional time for your loved ones.

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